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     Fitness Tips For 11/28/2007

Powerlifter Diet Plan

Weight Loss For Powerlifters 

Over the years, unfounded rumors, myths and half-truths have arisen and 
taken hold in regards to the detriments of cardio and diet to power 
and strength performance. Cardio allegedly drains a powerlifter's power 
akin to Superman wearing a Kryptonite codpiece. This is true only if 
the cardio is pre-workout, intense, and in excess of 15-20 minutes, 
and depends on the subsequent workout. For example, one would not want 
to spend 20 minutes on a stepper or hammering on a cycle before their 
squat training.

I've found that doing only a light and brief (5 minute) cardio warm up 
on squat days helps keep my legs and squats strong for training. 
Typically, my trainees, teammates and I will do 20 minutes of 
post-workout cardio on bench days and off days, which comes out 3 days 
a week on average. For those who only do evening workouts, 20-30 
minutes of morning cardio, every other day, works very well.

As far as fat loss, I never rely on or look to cardio as a sole or 
primary means to that, preferring diet modification. Approach that 
I take with my trainees, that continues to work well, is to drop 
calories over the course of 3-4 weeks to about 70% of my maintenance
calories, then hold at 70% until the target weight range is reached. 

wk 1: 9 x bodyweight integer (250 lb) = 2250 calories
wk 2: 8 x bodyweight integer (250 lb) = 2000 calories
wk 3: 7 x bodyweight integer (250 lb) = 1750 calories

From here, calories are brought (over the course of 3-4 weeks) back 
up to 90% which becomes the lifter's new maintenance calorie intake. 
The key here is to keep the calories as lean as possible. No 
processed foods (except on a cheat day here and there), no saturated 
or hydrogenated fats at any time, and always, always, always 
consuming protein with carbs. 

A lean operation is an efficient one, and the same goes for bodies. 
You will find that when you keep your fat and weight under 
control, your training efficiency, metabolic efficiency, and 
performance improve considerably, comparatively effortlessly, and 
you won't fight yourself caught up in the battle of trying to make 

Stay with it,
Shawn "Bud" Lyte - CME, CSN
President, BMF Sports
Illinois State Chairman, 100% RAW Powerlifting Federation

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