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     Fitness Tips For 1/23/2008
Free Abdominal Exercises Online

Ab Crunches

Ab Crunches are easily performed by lying on your back and placing the 
calves on a bench so that the legs are bent at a 90 degree angle to 
the floor.  Place the hands behind the head and then raise the head 
and shoulder blades off of the ground towards the knees.  The range 
of motion is rather short.  It is not necessary to touch the forehead 
to the knees as this would require improper form.  Perform the ab
crunches slowly and deliberately for the greatest benefit.  

Lying Leg Raises

Lying leg raises are an excellent abdominal exercise for the lower 
abdominal muscles but will not help you to loose weight.  To perform 
lying leg raises lye down on your back placing the hands face down 
underneath the lower back and rear end for better leverage.  Bring 
the knees up (bent legged) towards the chin while contracting the 
abdominal muscles.  Then return the legs to an almost straight legged 
position stretching the abdominal muscles.  The legs should be just 
a few inches off of the floor at the starting point.   


V-ups are an excellent abdominal exercise that strongly stresses the 
lower abdominal muscles.  Although V-Ups are an effective abdominal 
exercise V-Ups are not for everyone.  V-Ups are a more advanced 
abdominal exercise.

To perform V-Ups sit at the end of a bench, place the hands face down 
under the rear end for leverage, legs should be at 45-90 degree angles 
from the floor and the upper body at about a 45-90 degree angle from 
the bench.  Now bring the knees up to the chest while simultaneously 
bringing the chest towards the knees, repeat.  The legs and torso 
make a v-shape, thereby receiving the name V-Ups. 

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