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     Fitness Tips For 2/6/2008

Aerobic Exercise Benefits

What's The Deal With Aerobic Exercise?

We’ve all been hearing about the health benefits of regular aerobic 
exercise and eating properly. According to numerous online sources, 
aerobic exercise includes activity that makes the heart and lungs 
worker harder than they do at rest for a continuous period of time. 
There are many types of aerobic exercise to choose from including 
dancing, skating, skiing, running, walking, bicycling, stair climbing, 
and swimming. Aerobic exercise videos are another option that can be 
used in the privacy of one’s home, and provide a beneficial workout 
that gets the heart pumping. Going to the gym is not always an option, 
nor is it necessary. People can get aerobic exercise at home, at work, 
or at school. Many larger companies offer employees work out facilities 
and running tracks as well as walking paths around their campuses. 
In fact, many corporations encourage healthy aerobic exercise during 
the workday to increase energy and decrease fatigue as well as improve 
general well being. 

Research has shown that regular aerobic exercise boosts the immune system, 
increases endorphins, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, decreases 
the risk for developing cardiac disease, diabetes, obesity, and various 
forms of cancer. Physical exercise promotes mental health, reduces anxiety 
and stress, and promotes unity of mind, body, and spirit. Different types 
of aerobic exercise can be performed for varying lengths of time depending 
on how strenuous the activity. For example, 30 minutes of walking at a 
moderate pace is comparative to jogging or running for 15 to 20 
minutes. The same physical benefit is gained from each. Ten minutes of 
strenuous stair climbing is also good aerobic exercise that can be done 
on a lunch break or at home, almost anywhere. Exercise programs can be 
tailored to fit anyone’s particular fitness needs, even if the previous 
level of activity was nothing more than moving from the bedroom to the
couch to the kitchen and back. We all have to start somewhere!

The benefits of regular aerobic exercise are very apparent, and should be 
incorporated into everyone’s life. Great improvement in cardiac and lung 
function can be seen with as little as twenty to thirty minutes three 
times a week. As fitness level improves work out sessions can be increased 
to thirty minutes five times a week or more. If any particular health 
concerns are present, then a health care provider should be consulted 
before starting any exercise or strength training program. The benefits 
of moderate physical exercise are undisputed and can lead the way to a 
long healthy life, with less illness and chronic disease. So get those 
shoes on and get going!

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