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     Fitness Tips For 2/13/2008

Daily Aerobic Exercise Is A Must

Regular aerobic activity should be included into everyoneís daily 
routine to strengthen the heart and lungs and make them work more 
efficiently. Aerobic activity can include running, walking, stair 
climbing, dancing, swimming, or any number of other activities that 
get the heart working harder for a continuous period of time. Many 
people may feel that they need to have a regimented work out program, 
and if they do not have at least thirty minutes to an hour to devote 
that they canít do it. This is simply not true, and in fact, this 
type of mentality hinders their progress and keeps them from getting 
into shape with regular exercise. Short bursts of aerobic activity 
can be fit in throughout the day. Take the stairs instead of the 
elevator, take a brisk walk around the building at lunch time, ride 
a bike or walk to work if within a reasonable distance, or park 
further away to get a short walk in.

The benefits of aerobic activity are many, and everyone of all ages 
should be encouraged to engage in regular exercise. Even if there 
are chronic health conditions present, regular aerobic activity can 
be tailored to fit the individualís needs. A health care provider 
should be consulted before beginning any type of exercise program, 
and if excessive shortness of breath or chest pain is present, 
then the activity should be stopped immediately. Starting out at 
a slower pace is recommended for all beginners anyway until some 
tolerance is built up, which will happen over time with regular 
aerobic activity. 

Regular aerobic activity should put the heart in the cardio 
target zone, which is computed by subtracting age from 220. This 
number of then multiplied by 85%, the result being the maximum 
rate at which the heart should beating during aerobic activity. 
Beginners should  only work out at 70-75% their target heart 
rate until their bodies become more accustomed to higher 
aerobic activity levels. Itís good to start out slow and 
gradually increase aerobic activity as tolerated, maybe with 
just a walk around the block. Any amount of aerobic activity 
is better than nothing, so get moving! No excuses!

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