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     Fitness Tips For 2/27/2008

Push Pull Workout Routine
By Gary "Hulkster Jr."

The Push, Pull, Legs technique is based on focusing efforts on either 
Pushing away from the center of your body, or Pulling toward your center. 
To utilize this technique you perform Push exercises on day one. Day
two, alternate to Pull exercises. Day three work the legs and the 
abdominals. This technique is most effective when two cycles of Push, 
Pull, Legs are completed each week. That is, six workout days, at 60 
minutes a session, and one day of rest. 

Results from natural clients show an increase in strength an average of 
25% after two months. This includes clients following the basic rules of 
rest/recuperation, diet, and supplementation.

To begin the program utilize light weights and focus on technique. 
Ensure your form for every exercise is proper. Slowly increase the 
weight lifted as you become more familiar with the Push, Pull, Legs 
technique. To ensure you are utilizing the correct weight load for your 
fitness level, consider the following: when you wake up the next day, 
you should be slightly sore. If your muscles are sore throughout the day, 
your weight load needs to be decreased. If you wake up the next day and 
are not sore, then increase the weight load. Generally the percentage of 
decrease or increase is 10-20% of the current weight so as to gradually 
build or decrease your weight load.

For body builders with primary goals to dramatically increase their size 
and strength, utilize a program of 4 sets per exercise with repetitions of 
12, 10, 8, 6, respectively. For the hard gainers utilize the 4 sets per 
exercise with repetitions of 10, 8, 6, 4, respectively. Steadily increase 
the weight load with each set.

If you do not experience muscle fatigue by last repetition of set 3, you 
need to add more weight. Pay particular attention to muscle fatigue on the 
last two sets. 

Examples of Push Exercises:

Bench Press, Incline Bench Press, Parallel Bar Dips 

Press Behind Neck, Seated Dumbbell Press

Tricep Pressdown, Dumbbell Triceps Extension

Examples of Pull Exercises:

Chin Up, Front Lat Pull Down, Low Pulley Rows

Barbell Curl, Incline Dumbbell Curls, Concentration Curls 

Barbell Shrugs

Examples of Leg and Abdominal exercises:

Squats, Leg Curls, Thigh Extensions

Standing Calf Raise, Seated Calf Raise

Ab Crunches, Hanging Leg Raise

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