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     Fitness Tips For 3/12/2008
Is There A Magic Weight Loss Pill?
By: James N. McGinnis, Jr.

I wish there were, in fact, we all wish there were! But the truth is - 
there isn't! If something as simple as a pill worked by itself, then 
how come nearly eighty percent of all Americans are overweight and 
around forty percent are considered to be obese? Everyone’s looking 
for that quick fix or magic pill. There’re carb-blockers, fat-blockers, 
fat-burners, carb-burners, etc.. 

All these things can help you obtain your health and fitness goals, 
but only in conjunction with proper nutrition and an exercise program 
including cardiovascular and resistance training (weights, variable 
resistance equipment, etc.). However, a very important aspect of all 
this is consistency of application.

I know you have heard that old saying and it sure is true "nothing 
worthwhile is easy". That’s for sure. You have to leave your "comfort 
zone" to grow and change in all aspects of your life. This is also 
true in your quest for health and fitness.

Listed below are some important things to remember:

1. Drink plenty of water - Water is the closest thing to that magic 
pill you will get. It is without a doubt the most underrated and yet 
dramatically effective key to weight loss and, especially important 
in body fat reduction. Ten to twelve glasses a day of pure drinking 
water will help you get and stay lean!

2. Resistance training - The more muscle you have the better you 
look and the faster your metabolism. When people diet without 
resistance training they lose muscle thus decreasing their metabolism. 
This is the main cause of diet rebound. That is why diets alone don't 
keep the fat off! 

3. Center your meals around lean protein - Americans do not eat enough 
lean protein. They eat too many sugars, breads, crackers, sodas, candy, 
etc. Sugar raises insulin levels causing you to store fat not to 
mention numerous other health problems associated with a high sugar 
intake. What about fruits and vegetables for your carbohydrate needs?

4. Take vitamins daily with food - Multivitamins, multiminerals, 
antioxidants E, C, and A, etc. The way our foods are cooked, prepared, 
and preserved most of the vitamins are lost. Vitamins, minerals, 
and water are used in almost every process in the human body!
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