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     Fitness Tips For 4/30/2008
Wide Back Workout

Building the back is probably the most difficult of all muscle groups. 
It's also probably takes the longest of all muscle groups to build. 
Don't get discouraged if your back takes longer than the other groups, 
just stick with it.

Below you will find my favorite bodybuilding back workout: 

1) The Seated Row - Is excellent for building thickness in the back 
and lower lats. You want to feel your lats stretch and feel your back 
muscles doing most of the work. With you knees bent, extend the arms 
all the way forward; Then, pull the weights back and into the abs while 
ensuring the upper body is angled slightly back. While in this position, 
flex the lats and all the muscles in the entire back. Repeat this for every 
set you do. You should do the typical 4 sets with 8 to 10 reps per set 
routine with moderate to heavy weight. . 

2) Lat-Pulldown - Grab the angled portions of the bar using a 
slightly wider than shoulder-width grip. Position yourself on the 
pulldown machine so that the middle parts of the thighs fit under 
the leg restraint. Pull the bar down to the center of your chest, 
leaning back somewhat as you perform the movement. While the bar 
is against the chest, Flex the back muscles. Do this for every rep. 
Focus on the action of your back muscles, using your arms only as 
connecting rods between the bar and your back. When bringing the 
bar behind the neck, bring the bar to the back of the neck and 
pause for one second, and give resistance when letting the weight 
back up. If you find yourself not completing full reps or find 
yourself jerking the weights down, try to lessen the weight so 
the form is correct.

3) The One Arm Dumbbell Row - Is done with one knee on the bench 
and the other foot planted securely on the floor. Although many 
people have their own preferences in their body position when 
doing this exercise, and the picture depicts different, its best 
to have the weight in one hand and position the other hand firmly 
on the bench so that you are almost in a tripod position. For 
example, if you are holding the weight in the right hand, you want 
to have your left knee and left hand on the bench and your right 
foot planted on the floor and vice versa for the weights being in 
the left hand. When lowering the weight, let it hang for a second 
or two two really stretch the lats. When bringing the weight upward, 
bring it straight up and not angled and make sure you flex the lats 
at the top of the rep. You should repeat this for every rep. Its ok 
to go heavy when doing these but you must remember that form is 
extremely important; You want to ensure that you get a full range 
of movement. If you can use heavier weights and still maintain 
correct form by all means do it, but if you find yourself not 
getting a full range of motion (half reps), try a lower weight. 
Also with this exercise, it is beneficial to use straps and hooks 
to isolate the back and lats and to save wear and tear on the arms. 
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