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     Fitness Tips For 5/7/2008
How To Build A Massive Chest Workout

Just as having big arms project power, A powerful chest always gets 
respect. The chest is also one of the first noticed attributes about 
a bodybuilder. The weight lifting routine below along with your 
dedication will make your chest as powerful and respected as possible. 

1) The Bench Press - Without a doubt the most basic and effective 
means to build the chest. The bench press should be the primary 
exercise for any chest routine, all other exercises should be 
subordinate. You should provide you chest with a good warmup cycle. 
Try a weight in which you can rep out at least 15 reps without any 
muscle strain. After a good warmup I go right to the heavy weights. 

2) The Dumbbell Bench Press - The only exercise that can even come 
close to the bench press for building mass on the chest. The 
advantage that this has over the bench press is the range of motion. 
The bench press limits you in range because the bar can only go as 
far as touching the chest. The dumbbell press allows you to go beyond 
that point. With the dumbbells, you can get more of a stretch. Bring 
the dumbbells down slowly and evenly and ensure the palms are facing 
up and outward. When bringing the weights up, twist the wrists 
inward so the palms are facing each other and pause for a second to 
squeeze the chest muscles together. You want to do this for every rep. 
Do at least 4 sets with 8 to 10 reps per set. The main thing to 
consider on this exercise is form. You want each rep to be smooth 
and controlled.

3) The Incline Dumbbell Press - An excellent means for building the 
upper chest. The only precaution is to ensure you don't go to heavy 
and damage or overwork the shoulders. You want to bring the weights 
down slowly and controlled with wrists up and outward, and push up 
on the weights turning the wrists inward to squeeze the chest at 
the end of the rep. 

4) The Cable-Cross - This exercise should not be used by 
beginners who still does not have a basic foundation built. This 
exercise is mainly for builders with a chest foundation already 
built and want to perfect it. I see it all the time in the gym 
where newcomers perform many sets of cable crosses and all for 
nothing. It really isn't necessary to do extremely heavy weights 
with this machine because like I said before, it is used to 
perfect what you already have. Therefore what is important is the 
form and the number of reps. You want to go with a weight in 
which you can perform up to 15 reps with. Start with the arms 
straight out and bring your hands together. Hold the arms in this 
position for a second and squeeze the pec muscles together. Repeat 
this for every rep.

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