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The Guide Building Muscle While Losing Fat

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     Fitness Tips For 6/4/2008

Leg Blasting Workout 

The squat is the primary mass builder for legs. Try to make squats 
the first exercise in your leg routine. Perform 4 sets with 8 to 
12 reps within each set.

Leg presses are excellent in building mass for the legs. Foot 
placement on this machine is very important. Depending on where the 
feet are placed is what determines exactly which muscles in the legs
 are doing most of the work. For instance, if the feet are placed 
farther apart, the inner thighs (tear drop and up to groin area) are 
being worked more than the outer. If legs are spaced closer together,
the outer thigh is being worked more than the inner. Another thing 
to consider about foot placement is whether or not the foot is 
placed on the top, bottom, or middle of the platform. If the foot 
is towards the bottom, more stress is placed on the knees and the 
calves are being worked a little more. The best solution is to 
have the feet about 10 to 12 inches apart and placed from the 
center to the top of the platform. For better leg development, 
leg presses should be done in heavy sets. Adjust the weights so 
only 6 to 8 reps can be achieved, this focuses more on power 
and size. I recommend doing about 5 to 6 sets of these to really 
stimulate growth. After these are done, lets follow up on leg 
presses with a few sets of hack squats.

I like to use the leg extension as one of the final exercises 
(along with the leg curls) to end my leg routine. Try to do 4 
sets of these with the first two being heavy sets (able to do up 
to 8 reps). Let the final 2 be your pump sets. Try to do a 
higher number of reps (10 to 12 reps). Always remember that the 
main thing you want to focus on is your form. You want to have 
a controlled motion when lifting the weights and a resistence 
to them when lowering . If you find yourself lacking control, 
decrease weight accordingly.

The leg curl is the reverse of the leg extension, While lying 
on the machine on your stomach, lift the weights of the machine 
towards the rear end. This machine is used to work the hamstrings. 
Doing extremely heavy weights with this machine can help build 
the mass of the hamstrings but it is basically used for toning. 
This machine can be used for a little of both. Try doing the 
first couple of sets using heavier weight. Use weight heavy 
enough to get up to 6 reps. For the final 2 sets, try lowering 
the weight to maximize pump, push out 10 to 12 reps. 

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