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     Fitness Tips For 6/18/2008

Heavy Weight Low Rep Workout
by Brad Evanochko

I have to thank you for one of the best tips I've received in over ten
years, you wrote the comparisons of two lifters, one using the 
normal 8-10 reps at 60% of max for 2-4 sets per excersize, and the 
other using 2-3 reps at 80-90 % of max over 2-3 sets. The difference 
being that the lower rep scheme producing more strength and less 
systematic burnout, so I decided to give it a try,and the results are
startling. I decided to try this extremly heavy routine around the 
basic lifts:

- Flat bench
- Reverse lat pulls
- Barbell front shoulder presses
- Preacher curls
- Ticep pushdowns
- Squats

The workout went as follows - warm up ( but dont waste too much 
energy ) then throw on the weight and push 2-3 reps for 3 sets and that 
was it. I started, for example bench, the first week at 245 lbs and added 
five pounds every week and am up to 285 lbs at the same scheme. Bicep 
curls went from 80 lbs to 130 lbs, Shoulders from 135lbs to 195 lbs, lat 
pulls from150 lbs to 210 lbs and tri. pushdowns 70 lbs 120 lbs. Squats 
are on a bit of hold as I had reconstructive surgery to re-attach a severed 
achillies ( so I'm maintaining at a 275 squat and can put this to test in 
about a month when the healing time is completed .

I'm thrilled with the results, my overall pump and thickness is incredible, 
it lasts for days. In fact I have to wait a least 2-3 days between workouts 
to recover, and it seems that my metabolic rate has skyrocketed as I've 
been eating like a pig and still manitain my cuts. I totally disagree with 
the theory that a rep scheme of only 2-3 reps will only produce strength 
and not size, I haven't felt this " Truly Huge " and strong in years. I think 
the real secret that none of these bodybuilding magazines is telling is 
that THIS is the proper technique for building mass and complete 
bodybuilding. I think the reason it works so well is that at that weight,
you can't help but have a super intense workout. As long as a person 
uses this routine with plenty of rest and avoid overtraining, I think the
 results will be astonishing---I'm sold! ( and I've been training for 
almost 20 years ), so give it a try.

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