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     Fitness Tips For 7/2/2008

Underweight Workout Program
By Kiwi Guy

After seeing so many underweight people searching for weight gains, 
I decided to put finger to key board and send this in. The funny
thing is its so basic and straight forward, yet it really works.

The formula is easy:
1 - Write down the weights you currently use in the big exercises for
reps. ( As a little side issue ask yourself what weights were you using
3 months ago? Starting to get the picture?)

2 - Ask yourself what weights you would have to be using to notice an
improvement in your physique. However be realistic. Sure we all know
that benching 200 lbs more would make one heck of an improvement, but 
could you really increase it by that much? The secret is to set realistic 
short term goals. A good period of time is 12 weeks.

Work out only 3 times a week, i.e. Mon, Wed, Fri. You get plenty of 
rest this way. Remember you grow when you rest.

Limit the exercises you do to only the main exercises. You can't 
add 50 pounds to exercises like concentration curls, laterals, etc. Also 
limit the amount of work you do for each exercise. Three to five sets 
total is, despite the many who will disagree, enough. It could even 
be too much. Tell me you people who disagree, how much have you 
improved on your exercise weights lately?

My routine is as follows:

Bench Press          3 heavy 2 lighter sets
Milartary presses   2 heavy sets 1 pumping set
Dumbell Tricep two hand extensions 1 heavy and 1 light set

Bent over barbell row  4 medium to heavy sets 6 - 8 reps per set
Barbell curls 3 sets about 5 reps per set only

Squats - For these I lowered the reps to about 5 for 5 sets.
Stiff legged dead lift  3 sets (these were dropped at about week 8 of
the cycle as squats took it all out of me)

And that's the routine. 

Some small points: I used a reverse pyramid that Lee Labrada used, 
i.e. slowly increase the weights to warm up, but keep the reps 
moderate so as not to wear you out - its only the warm up remember!
Then use the max weight for 6 - 8 reps for one set. Decrease the 
weight each set to keep the reps at around that range. This is 
the most productive way to do sets I reckon.

Did I make progress? Yes I did. I only used protein powder and I
increased my repetitions or weight in every single set for every
workout for 12 consecutive weeks. 

Final note - you'll want to eat heaps, the training makes you do 
it. I properly gained because for the first time I decided to make 
acommitment and stuck to it. The program is good because its only 3
days a week, for about 1 hour so you still have a life.

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