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     Fitness Tips For 7/30/2008

Seven Rules To Susccessful Bodybuilding

These rules were featured in Ironman Magazine, 12/95 issue.

  1. Eat at least five times a day, every two to three hours. You 
must keep your system  saturated with amino acids and 
glycogen from protein and carb sources, respectively, if you  
want to push muscle growth to abnormal levels. You never 
know when your body will need  these precious nutrients. 
What's more, not eating every few hours can cause the 
starvation  mechanism to kick in, which signals your body 
to begin consuming its own muscle  tissue.

  2. Center your bodybuilding program around the big 
compound movements, such as  squats and presses. You 
should strive for maximum efficiency of effort, or to work as  
many muscle groups as possible with as few sets as possible. 
Squats, for example, train  not only your quads but also your 
lower back and glutes, so direct work for the muscles  that 
assist during the squat should be minimal. This leaves more 
of your recovery ability to  help in the growth process when 
you're out of the gym.

  3. Don't do more than 30 all-out work sets at any workout, 
and less is usually better.  Overtraining is the number one 
reason most bodybuilders can't pack on muscle weight.

  4. Don't train more than two days in a row. Your muscles 
aren't the only things that have  to recover after a heavy 
workout; your entire nervous system needs a rest too.

  5. Have a protein drink immediately after every training 
session. Research indicates that boosting insulin levels 
right after an intense workout promotes muscle protein  
synthesis, which leads to faster growth.

  6. Take a break after four to six weeks of high intensity 
training. Either take a full  week off or downshift your 
intensity for two weeks. This lets you recuperate fully and 
in  many cases promotes a new growth spurt.

  7. Keep your cruise control on. Try to keep your cool 
during the day no matter what.  Getting overly excited 
can stress you out and cause excessive energy burn, 
energy your  body could be using to fuel extraordinary 
muscle growth. 

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