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     Fitness Tips For 9/10/2008

Deadlift Training 

Deadlifts, King of Exercises?
By Scott Miller

While to most, the squat is king, to many, the deadlift goes 
hand-in-hand as one of the kings of exercises.  Both squats 
and Deadlifts should be included in one’s training routine.

The deadlift is one of the most natural lifting positions done.  
How frequently do we lift something from the floor?

Squats are a great mass builder, focusing on the legs and low back.  
Deadlifts focus less on the legs but hit nearly the rest of the 
entire body - and quite hard.

Deadlift Exercise Overview

Basically, a deadlift is just lifting the bar from the floor from a 
bent over position, to a fully erect standing position.  Sounds easy, 
right?  Not quite.  When done properly, deads hit more muscles than 
just about any other lift.

As with any of the big, compound movements, deads have to be done 
with good form.  If not, injury can occur and be debilitating or, 
the lifter will not be able to advance very far in the amount of 
weight lifted.  

Deadlift Form

Starting position, the bar is placed over the center of the feet, 
nearly touching the front of the ankle/shins. The lifter’s 
shoulders should be in front of the bar, but not too far. If the 
back angle to the floor is too horizontal (parallel to the floor), 
the quads are removed and the lifter ends up doing a stiff-legged 
deadlift.  If the back is too vertical, the hips will come up 
before the bar leaves the floor, putting the bar in a bad position 
making it harder to lift. The lifter’s back should be arched (belly 
out/chest up) and not rounded. 

As the pull is started, the bar should nearly be dragged up the 
shins by using the arms (lats) to keep it in that position.

At lockout, the shoulders are back and the rest of the body is in 
the correct anatomical standing position.

The bar should travel in a vertical line from floor to lockout.

Deadlift Benefits

When done with good form, Deadlifts are an excellent size builder.

When done with good form, Deadlifts are an excellent strength builder.

Deadlifts are one of the best true core exercises there is.

Deadlifts hit the entire back, including erector spinae, lats, 
rhomboids and traps (hit the traps quite hard).

Deadlifts hit the quads, hammies, glutes, abs, shoulders and even 
the forearms (grip).

Deadlifts skyrocket the production of testosterone and GH (like squats).

Deadlifts help increase the metabolism.

As you can see, the squat might be revered as ‘the king’, but 
deadlifts should be rated just as highly.

Reference material for form: Strong Enough? By Mark Rippetoe

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