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     Fitness Tips For 9/17/2008

How Many Cheat Meals?

You can look great and still have some forbidden foods 
occasionally. Itís not all or nothing. Just make sure 
your regular meals are healthy and then plan your 
cheat meals so you can really enjoy them and have a 
food you really like. 

You can look forward to having some pizza or some ice 
cream once in a while. Keep your cheat meals in check 
and they can actually be helpful.

Having an occasional cheat meal can help in many ways: 

Boost metabolism 

Satisfy cravings 

Refresh you mentally 

and gives you something to look forward to.

Your number of cheat meals has to do with how serious you 
are and what your goals are. You can get good results 
and still have one maybe two cheat meals a week. But it 
depends on what you consider a cheat meal. A cheat meal of 
one slice of pizza along with other healthy foods is not 
the same as binging on a whole pizza and cake and 
ice cream, etc. 

I personally feel that cheat meals should not automatically 
be on a certain day of the week. If you have made no progress 
towards your goal it is not time to have a cheat meal just 
because it's Friday night.

Make a realistic goal that when you reach it you will reward 
yourself, and if you haven't made that goal by your usual 
cheat day, then give it another day or longer, until you 
have reached that goal and then enjoy your well deserved 

To make a cheat meal work it is important that you plan 
in advance exactly what and how much you are going to eat. 

Also if you plan on eating some high fat foods, for such 
"damage control" take Fat Absorber a product that naturally 
blocks absorption of fat in the food you consume. The
blocking action reduces the number of calories available to 
the body from the food eat.

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