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Get The Know How To Gain Muscle And Lose Fat

Kiko Ellsworth, Actor, North Hollywood, CA - "I got The KNOW HOW and 
after trying it for a couple weeks I am toppling my previous strength 
records and can already seeing my abs. I still don't understand how 
drinking cream does this, but who cares." 

Kim Strange, Student, Burghill, OH - "Thank you. I have used The KNOW 
HOW for a week and my squat, bench, and bent over rows have increased 
15 p ounds each. Plus, this is what gets me, my w eight has gone down 5 
p ounds and my waist an i nch." 

Philip Stier, Gucci, Las Vegas, NV - "My energy is so high I almost 
feel hyper. The true test came last week opening the new store. I gained 
w eight and dropped considerable f at. I figured for sure I would shrink 
and fatigue because of the d iet changes but my energy and motivation 
levels were nonstop. Thanks man." 

Marjean Holden, Actress, Beast Master Series, New Zealand - " Like you 
said, by manipulating the d iet I didn't seem to gain a p ound. However, 
since doing as you suggested I'm really amazed at what my scale has 
told me! After losing several i nches of blubber, I weigh the same as I 
did when I started! That must be muscle right? Not bad." 

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     Fitness Tips For 9/24/2008

How To Get Motivation To Exercise

Get Moving 

The tough part with exercise, of course, is getting out there and 
doing it. Here's how the successful get going: 

1. Prioritize. The beds might not get made, but Amy Reed, 36, still 
makes time for exercise. That's how she's kept off more than 80 
pounds for 13 years. "I have to schedule it in and let go of other 
things -- like a perfectly clean house," she says. 

2. Find a passion. "I have a dance background and when I found 
jazzercise, I said, 'Thank God.' If someone told me I had to go 
out and run five days a week, I'd still weigh 185 pounds," says 
Anne Geren, 41, who l ost 55 pounds and has kept it off for 13 

3. Keep an exercise log. It makes you more accountable. Norma from 
Dallas, TX, who hangs hers on the refrigerator, checks off six 
workouts a week dutifully. "If I miss one day, I make that my day 
off for the week." 

4. Set a goal. Sign up for some fun runs and try to improve your 
times. "I went from a 5-K to a 4-miler, then a 5-miler, then a 
10-K. As I was building miles and speed, I was getting fitter and 
losing more w eight," says Therese Revitt, 42, who lost 80 pounds 
and recently ran a marathon. 

5. Get pumped. "It wasn't until I put on more muscle through 
resistance training that I was able to keep the weight off -- 
almost effortlessly," says Verona Mucci-Hurlburt, 37, who went 
from a size 18 to an 8. The reason? Muscle burns more calories 
around the clock. 
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