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     Fitness Tips For 10/15/2008

Overcoming Emotional Eating 

Know your triggers. You have to know which moods send you to 
the cookie jar before you can do anything about it. Once you 
know your triggers, have a list of alternate things to do when 
the mood strikes. "When I get tired or discouraged, I get an 
'I don't care attitude,'" says Rebecca. For those times, 
taking a walk or reading can help. 

Quiz yourself. Determine if you're really hungry or eating for 
other reasons. "I'll ask myself 'Do you really need this, or 
is it something else, like boredom?' About 80% of the time 
it's not hunger," says Geren. 

Call a friend. Talking about what's bothering you can keep you 
from eating. "I had to be willing to call my support people at 
9 o'clock on a Friday night," says Barbara, 46, who's kept off 
46 p ounds for more than 15 years. 

Challenge the power of food. Ice cream is a poor companion if 
you're lonely. "If I eat the whole bag of chocolate chip 
cookies, am I going to be any happier? Probably not," says 

Take an emotional inventory. Ask yourself: "What do you feel? 
anger? resent? fear? regret? What are you upset about?" Then 
deal with it, says Barbara. Talk to the person involved, talk 
to others, or write a letter -- even if you don't send it. 

Editors note: For more information on overcoming unwanted and
negative emotions read the book Dianetics.
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