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     Fitness Tips For 11/5/2008

Diet Temptations - How To Stop Cheating On Your Diet

Stay busy. Do something that's not conducive to eating. The folks
we talked to aren't sitting around thinking of hot fudge sundaes. 
They're singing in choirs, taking classes, running marathons, 
leading groups, and more. 

Keep 'em out of sight. Overwhelmingly, successful people control 
foods like chocolate, ice cream, and potato chips by not having 
them around. "It's easier to fill the house with treats for my 
kids that I don't like such as Oreo cookies," says 30 year old 
Tammy Hansen, who trimmed off 60 pounds. 

Moderation is key. But they're not depriving themselves, either. 
"If I want a piece of cake, I'll have one," says Mazda. "Then 
I just won't have another one for a week or so. Knowing that I 
can eat something and no one's going to say 'you can't' works
for me." 

Limit portions. "When I have to snack, I put my hand in the bag or
box and whatever I can grab, that's what I eat -- only a handful,"
says Fitzgerald. 

Buy individually packaged snacks. Cookies, chips, even ice cream
come in single serving sizes. "If I want some cookies or chips, 
I grab one little bag instead of a whole box," says Reed. 

Keep reminders around. A note on the refrigerator reading "Stop" 
kept Reed from raiding it. Underneath she listed other things to 
do, like "take a drink of water" and questions such as "Are you 
really hungry?" 

Find alternatives. Chocolate is still a favorite even for 
successful dieters. But they've found ways to enjoy it and still 
keep their waistlines. Bennett makes fat-free chocolate pudding 
with skim milk. For Sarah, who lost 40 pounds and has kept it 
off for two years, a cup of sugar-free hot cocoa (about 20
calories), topped with a little fat-free whipped cream
does the trick. 

Don't give in to peer pressure. If the cookies, chips, or ice 
cream you buy for the rest of the family is sabotaging your 
efforts, stop buying it. "My daughters carried on for about 
a month, but after that they got used to the change," says 
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