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Get Lean Quick 14 day weight loss plan for men and women

This diet worked for me; I lost 15 pounds initially, and another 
15 within the next few months (even better than just 'keeping the 
weight off!)

Here it is!

Scary to think I once weighed 157 pounds...Anyway, Get Lean Quick is a great 
value, it includes, the diet and exercise programs plus the supplements. 
The diet consisted of 4 meals a day, limited to protein and carbs only. 
Protein - boneless skinless chicken or turkey, or tunafish, white fish 
or egg whites. Carbs were the leafy vegatables..asparagus, broccoli, 
celery, tomatoes, cauliflower. Potatoes and rice once in a while. To 
supplement these, I took pills supplied in the pack. The pills are AM and 
PM formulas and you take 6 pills a day. For the first 10 days of the diet, 
you drink an entire gallon of water. During the last 4, reduce your water 
intake to 28 ounces a day. Exercise for 20-30 minutes, twice a day. 
Once right after getting up, and once before bed. This diet works, and I 
read enough about it to feel safe doing it. I've kept a lot more watchful 
eye on what I eat since then, laid off sugary sodas for good, and slimmed 
down another 15 pounds on my own. I feel great! 

Karen, AZ

We are happy to announce the New Get Lean Quick 14 day kit is 
in and available for immediate shipment. We send by priority 
mail, so if you order today you can get started in just a 
few days!

For full information go to: Get Lean Quick 14 Day

     Fitness Tips For 12/10/2008

Healthy Cooking For Weight Loss

Cook for your family, not an army. Even for low-fat foods like 
grilled chicken, Bennett stopped overfeeding her family of 
four. "I stopped making six or seven cutlets, thinking that 
everybody had to have two or three," she says. "Now I make 
just one for each person." 

Plan ahead. An empty fridge after a stressful day begs for 
pizza. The now-slender crew doesn't leave meals to chance.
Many of them plan their menus a week or more in advance. 
Others even cook ahead, freezing meals for the week in 
individual containers. 

Fake fry. Try "frying" with calorie-free cooking sprays
instead of oil. Spray sliced potatoes and roast them in 
the oven for french fries that taste fried without the fat, 
suggests Miltenberger. 

Stock frozen veggies. With pasta or stir-fry sauces, they 
are diet saviors. "I've been known to eat a whole bag of 
vegetables - and with only a quarter cup of sauce, it's 
only about 3 grams of fat," says Mucci-Hurlburt. "It's 
saved my butt many times when I was really hungry and had 
to eat now." 

Flavor up. Rice, beans, and other cooked grains are the 
staples of many successful dieters. For variety, Fitzgerald 
cooks them in different liquids - tomato juice, apple juice, 
beef or chicken stock. "Rice done in pineapple juice is 
especially good for rice puddings and Chinese dishes," 
she says. 
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