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     Fitness Tips For 12/17/2008

Workout Information  	
by Andy M.

One year ago, I had the body fat percentage of 30.5%, and had 
80 lbs of fat on me. I was constantly being teased about my weight, 
and it would never stop! When my friends would go to the lake I 
would go and throw rocks off the dock. I was always petrified 
about P.E. class when wintertime rolled around. To help ease the 
pain, I would wear a heavy black shirt, so that no one would see 
my rolls.

I was fed up with myself. I was fed up with my friends, I was just 
fed up. I had to do something, but what? You know how in the 
cartoons, a lightbulb appears above the character's head when they 
have a great idea? Well, it felt like that.

So, I began to do heavy and intensive cardio and diet.

This is kind of embarrassing, but my cardio was Dance. I'm serious! 
I would just turn on my dance club music, and hit the floor. I would 
work out at eight o clock at night (for the fact to burn calories 
all during the night, and burn the calories I ate during the day). 

Currently, I am on the road to getting ripped. I have the bodyfat 
percentage of 11% compared to 30.5%. 

Right now, I am currently doing a cutting/bulking session. I know, 
it's going to be hard to cut and bulk at the same time, but some 
people have achieved it...and I CAN and WILL  be one of the few 
who can.

I step inside the gym doors and see countless numbers of people 
workout. Sometimes, for fun, I go up to them and ask, "Why are 
you here?" 87% of them replied, "To bulk up, get stronger..." I 
would leave them to their training regimen.

Now, the other 13% of the people wanted to "get healthier". 

Here are some tips on how to workout properly... 
1. Concentrate on form, not reps. Many people I know, as they 
workout, concentrate solely on the reps, not how they do them. It 
really doesn't matter how many reps you do, as long as you do 
them well. So next time you hit the gym, concentrate! 

2. For the larger muscle groups...eg., chest, back, shoulders, 
do about 8-10 sets of 6-8 reps each. For example: chest: 3 sets 
incline, 3 sets flat, 2 sets decline, 2 sets flat fly. Make sure
you FAIL in between the desired rep range. If you can do more, do 
more, then INCREASE THE WEIGHT. If you start to scream for a 
spotter during your 4th rep...you have too much. 
3. Water, water, water! I cannot emphasize enough how much water 
you must drink during workouts. Scientists say at least 16 oz. 
I say at least 4 cups or more. Water also increases your 
vascularity (more visible veins)! 	

4. Breathe right. Your muscles need oxygen too, just as your 
brain, lungs, and blood do. As you start the rep, breath in till 
you reach the bottom, as you come up, release the air slowly 
(that was for a bench press, but can be used for all). 	

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