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     Fitness Tips For 12/24/2008

Transverse Abdominus Exercise
Most athletes and fitness professionals know how to train 
their rectus abdominus. A well-defined "six-pack" has 
become the benchmark for maximum physical appearance. Not 
many, have heard of a much more important muscle that lies 
beneath the rectus abdominus called the transverse 
abdominus. It is the transverse abdominus, which when 
activated, helps stabilize and support the spine. This 
is accomplished by performing a drawing-in maneuver, which 
increases intra-abdominal pressure and in turn acts as a 
natural w eight belt. 

The chronic use of lifting belts has led to numerous spinal 
and muscular injuries. With a lifting belt, the transverse 
abdominus does not activate. Instead the rectus abdominus 
pushes outward against the lifting belt, increasing 
intra-abdominal pressure. Once the user takes off the 
lifting belt, the body will still push outward looking for 
the belt when there is none. When this happens, the lumbar 
spine is not properly stabilized and the chance of injury 
is drastically increased!

An excellent exercise to regain control and strengthen the 
transverse abdominus is the 4-point drawing in maneuver. 
Start the exercise by getting on all fours with your arms 
straight, but not locked and your knees bent at a 90-degree 
angle. Make sure your back is in a neutral position with a 
natural arch. Begin the exercise by drawing in your belly 
button toward your spine and  hold this position for 10 
seconds. Relax for 10 seconds and repeat. It is important 
that you do  not round your back when pulling upward with 
your belly button. The progression of this exercise is to 
start in a 4-point stance; standing at a 45-degree angle 
is the second progression, followed by standing upright 
against a wall. The exercise is the easiest in the 4-point 
stance position, due to the w eight of your organs pushing 
against your TVA. This  exercise is also extremely 
important for anyone that has had abdominal surgery. 
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