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The Workout Secrets of Vince Gironda

Learn what Vince had to say about steroid use, training, 
nutrition, and supplements and much more of his remarkable 
insight and knowledge. 

Vince's programs were known for producing the fastest 
muscle building results in the shortest period of time. 
Learn Vince's best known training programs, some of his 
little known programs, and some of his forgotten methods.

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     Fitness Tips For 1/21/2009

Vince Gironda Workouts

The Vince Gironda Exercises

The following is a list of what Vince Gironda considered the best 
exercise for each bodypart and that all other exercises were only 
substitutes or variations.


Lateral Raise. Most bodybuilders have over developed front delts 
from doing the bench press, and overhead press, but it's the side 
or lateral part of the delt that really creates shoulder width. 
The lateral raise builds the side delt and sculpts wide shoulders.


Dips on a parallel bar that is 33" wide, if it is not you will not 
receive the intended benefit from this movement. Anything wider 
or narrower will not work the pecs as desired. The most important 
execution of the movement is in the elbows: They must be wide and 
straight out from the shoulders. The head has to be in a down 
position with the chin resting on the upper chest and the back 
should be rounded forward.


Lat Pulls. In order for this movement to produce the intended 
results you must use a pulley that is 6' off the ground. Most 
lat machines and triceps machines are too high to get the 
desired results. If you do not have access to a machine or 
facility with a pulley 6' off the ground you can use a regular 
lat machine but it will not be the same


Triceps rope pulldown. Reach back over your head and grab the 
ends of a knotted rope attached to the pulley and cable. With 
the elbows and head resting on the bench, pull to arms length 
and lockout. When you let the rope back to the starting 
position make certain your hands touch the upper back.


Vince Gironda Barbell curl. Start by resting your elbows on 
your pelvis or hip bones and your body inclined with head and 
shoulders in back of the hips. As the barbell is curled the 
first 10 or 12 inches start moving the body, head and 
shoulders, forward until your body is in erect position. 
Then as you continue to curl the barbell incline your body, 
head and shoulders, forward and complete the movement with a 
forceful contraction of the biceps. Now reverse the sequence 
as you lower the barbell to the starting position. It should 
take you about 6 seconds to perform one curl. 


Thigh squat. "But I thought Vince was opposed to squats?" He 
was, at least the way one would normally perform the movement. 
Start the movement as you would a front squat, with the bar 
high on the chest resting on the front of the delts. Place 
your heels about 12 inches wide and on a 2 x 4. From this 
position begin your descent but keep your hips forward and 
under your shoulders at all times. As you rise up, the hips 
move forward until they are well out in front of the body. 
In the top position your knees should remain bent and your 
hips out in front of your shoulders and your shoulders over 
your heels.


Calf raise. For this movement, it will be assumed you have 
access to a standing calf machine. If you do not you can use 
a belt and chain and hang a dumbbell between your knees. 
Place the ball of your feet and toes on a block 3" tall. 
Feet are to be placed parallel, 4 inches apart. Keep your 
knees slightly bent throughout the movement. As you rise up 
on your toes, bring your heels together and place the full 
load of the weight on your big toe and the toe next to it. 
Contract forcefully and lower all the way down for a full 


Frog sit ups. Lie flat on your back and draw your heels up 
under your hips wide and out to the sides like a frog. 
Place your hands with a barbell plate behind your head. 
Curl the head down with the chin to the chest as the 
shoulders round forward curling the upper body until 
only the small of the back remains in contact with the 

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