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     Fitness Tips For 2/11/2009

6 Days A Week Workout Routine

This workout program is a professional type and requires you 
to have at least 2 years bodybuilding experience.  

This program helps you to focus on a certain bodypart in 
each training session to bulk up and tone your muscles.  
Before you start, make sure you know that this program works 
most efficiently if you have already built a solid physique.
Along with proper nutrition train yourself hard ( take it to 
the limit) to prevent undertraining. 

Day 1 
primary working muscle groups - upper back and abs 
exercises                       sets       reps 
1, Pull-ups                      3        12,10,8 
2, One-arm DB Rows               3        10,8,6-8 
3, T-bar Rows                    3        12,8-10,8-10 
4, Seated Rows                   3        10,8-10,8-10 
5, Crunches                      4        50 
Day 2 
primary working muscle groups - lower back and hamstrings 

exercises                       sets       reps 
1, Deadlifts                     5        10,10,8,6,4 
2, Lying Leg Curls               3        10,8,6-8 
3, Stiff-leg Deadlifts           4        10,8,6-8,4-6 

Day 3 
primary working muscle groups - biceps, triceps and abs 

exercises                       sets       reps 
1, Standing BB Curls             3        10,8,6-8 
2, Incline DB Curls              3        10,8,6-8 
3, Concentration Curls           2        6-10,6-10 
4, Triceps Pushdowns             3        15,12,10 
5, Close-grip Bench Press        3        10,8,6-8 
6, Triceps Kickbacks             2        6-10,6-10 
7, Hanging Knee Raises           4        20 
Day 4 
primary working muscle groups - shoulders and calves 

exercises                       sets       reps 
1, Seated DB Press               3        10,8,6-8  
2, DB Laterals                   3        10,8,6-8 
3, Rear Delt Machine             3        8-12 
4, BB Shrugs                     3        10,10,8-10 
5, Seated Calf Raises            3        25,20,15-20 
6, Standing Calf Raises          3        30 
Day 5 
primary working muscle groups - quadriceps and abs 

exercises                       sets       reps 
1, Legs Extensions               3        15,12,10 
2, Squats                        4        10,10,8-10,6-8 
3, Legs Press                    3        15,12,10 
4, Crunches                      4        50 
Day 6 
primary working muscle groups - chest 

exercises                       sets       reps 
1, Incline DB Press              4        10,10,8,6-8 
2, Incline DB Flyes              2        8-12,8-12 
3, Flat Bench Press              3        10,8,6 
4, Cable Cross-over              2        8-12,8-12 

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