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     Fitness Tips For 2/18/2009

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Secret Training Methods 

Arnold used muscle shocking methods "training with more weight 
than usual, doing more reps and/or sets, speeding up your 
training (lifting becomes more forceful as a result), decreasing
the rest between sets, doing unfamiliar exercises, doing your 
exercises in an unfamiliar order or using intensity techniques".
Try the methods below to shock you muscles into new growth.

Running The Rack 

Training right in front of the dumbbell rack and is one of 
Arnold's favorite ways to train with dumbbells to shock the muscles.  
Do an exercise with a set of dumbbells, put them down, immediately 
pick up the next heavier set of dumbbells and when you have reached
heaviest weight you can handle you then work your way back down the 
dumbbell rack.  

I Go, You Go

Perform a set and right away hand the barbell to your training 
partner. He then tries to beat your reps. Then, he hands it back 
to you, and the process continues until you're both doing only

Drop Sets

Taking weight off the bar during the set as your muscles fatigue.  
E.g.. bench press with 225 lbs.  For 4-5 reps.  As you fatigue at 
rep 5 have your partners quickly take weight off the bar - so 
that there's 200 lbs - And you can now do more reps. 


Flexing and contracting the muscles being worked between sets.  
Flexing is a beneficial in hardening, separating and defining 
each muscle group. 

Mega Exercise Blitz

Instead of doing five sets of one exercise for a muscle, do one 
set of just about every exercise you know for that muscle. For 
example, do one set of standing barbell curls, then incline curls, 
dumbbell curls, preacher curls, cable curls and, finally, 
concentration curls.


Arnold often employed opposite muscle grouping sets (biceps with 
triceps, chest with back, etc.) to force as much blood as humanly 
possible a target area for superior growth. 

Editors note: See Arnold in top shape in the Pumping Iron video 
go to http://www.trulyhuge.com/pumping-iron.htm 

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