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Supplement Secrets True Story

I recently tired to place an ad for thebook "Bodybuilding 
Supplement Secrets Revealed" in a major muscle magazine
and here is the response I got:

"After reviewing your ad and website, the publisher feels it is 
in our best interests to not allow you to advertise with us.

+++++ +++++++
Advertising Manager
+++++++++ +++++++++++++"

They fully admitted that the only reason they were rejecting 
the ad was to protect their own interests. They are saying if 
people learned the truth about supplements, the magazine 
would lose money. In other words, since they sell 
supplements, it is in the magazines best interests to keep 
people in the dark about supplements. 

I was a bit skeptical when I read the book and it told how 
greedy the magazine/supplement company owners are and
how they fight to hide the truth, but this incident and others 
like it have proved it to me.

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     Fitness Tips For 2/25/2009

Common Muscle Building Mistakes  

One of the main reasons why most weight lifters fail to achieve 
rapid muscle gains is because they no not give their muscles 
enough time to recover and then grow.

This is called overtraining.

Muscles only grow when they've had enough time and nutrients to 
recover first and then grow.

A few signs that will tell you whether you're overtraining are: 

1. You feel tired
2. You don't feel like training
3. You lose your appetite
4. You lose weight

If your weight lifting program involves any of the following it 
will probably lead to overtraining: 

1. More than 10 sets on any muscle group

Don't be confused by the huge guys in your gym that do 10 sets of 
150 kg's on the bench press. These guys have either been working 
out for a very long time or they're not using natural bodybuilding 
techniques to achieve their extraordinary results.

2. More than 2 to 3 exercises for any muscle group

Let's say for example that you're training your chest. To not over 
train your muscles and to work your entire chest you only need to 
do the bench press and incline bench press. You do not also need 
to do the pec deck and decline bench press. These extra exercises 
will lead to overtraining.

3. Training sessions of greater than an hour

The ideal weight training program should consist of 5-6 exercises, 
3-5 sets, and 6-8 and/or 10-12 reps. This should not take longer 
than an hour. Push yourself any harder and you're likely to over 
train your muscles.

4. Continually increasing the amount of sets performed

If in week one you do 3 sets, week 2, 4 sets, week 3, 5 sets, 
week 4, 6 sets and continually increase sets performed your 
muscles will eventually break down. The trick is to perform 3 
sets in week 1, 4 sets in week 2, 5 sets in week 3 and then 
revert back to 3 sets in week one.

5. Poor Nutrition

Your muscles need both positive balance of protein and calories
to grow. You should be eating eggs, milk, meats, fish, chicken, 
etc., along with fresh fruits and vegetables.

6. Less than 8 hours sleep

Your body does most of its muscle building while you're sleeping.

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