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     Fitness Tips For 4/29/2009

Fast Muscle Growth Training Frequency

If you walk into any gym you will find the majority of people 
there train this way. They come in each day after work, do 
their 3 sets of bench presses, 3 sets of incline presses,
followed by 3 sets of decline presses....which takes 2 hours 
of course. If you see them a year later they will be using 
pretty much the same poundages and they will look almost exactly 
as they did the year before. I always wonder just why it is 
that these people train. Are they looking to get bigger 
muscles? Do they want to get stronger? What is it that they 

Maybe it is my mathematics background, but I tend to look at 
situations like this in a very analytical way. If I want to 
get from point A to point B via C, and after a year I am not 
at point B, something must be wrong with C. Hello. Why is this 
so hard to see? If you are not making gains in the gym, 
something is wrong. There is a way in which you can make 
steady improvements. 

The whole idea of lifting to gain muscle goes something
like this:

We lift to stimulate our muscles. 

We go home and eat to get the food/rest required to allow our 
bodies to recover and grow. 

Once we have recovered, we go to the gym and start another 

Most training styles have you working out once a week for
each bodypart. If it really takes you this long to recover, 
then this is probably a good idea. If you can gain one unit 
of muscle in this 7 day period, by the end of the month, 
you will have gained 4 new muscle units. 

But what if you cut back on the number of sets you did, then 
you could increase the frequency of your workouts. By 
increasing the number of times you go through the 
stimulation/recovery cycle, you can successfully increase 
the rate at which you gain muscle and strength. 

If you repeated a bodypart, say 3 times a week, and you were
able to recover each time and gain size and strength, then by 
the end of the month your gains would far exceed any you would 
get from a traditional style of training (12 muscle units 
gained rather then only 4). 

Here are some rules for low volume high frequency training:

Rather then training each bodypart for 9 to 12 sets once a week,
try doing only 3 to 4 sets three times a week.

Spend no more then 45 minutes in the gym.

Get 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night. 

Take in at least 1 gram of protein for each pound of lean body 

Take recovery supplements such as amino acids, creatine, etc.

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