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     Fitness Tips For 5/20/2009

Hardgainer Tips To Building Mass
By Jeff Anderson The "Muscle Nerd"

Are you a "hardgainer"?

You know...someone who is reeeeeally skinny and has a hard time 
putting on muscle mass?

Well, one of the big problems hardgainers have is that the 
don't have a hormone system that processes the "testosterone 
chain" as efficiently as other guys.

Stinks, doesn't it?!

But here's a little trick you can try that is sure to kickstart 
some new gains...

How To Boost Testosterone For More Muscle Mass...

Ok, here's what you do...

For one week, before each of your workouts (no matter which body
part you're targeting)...

...do 3 Sets of high volume Squats

I know, I know...you hate doing squats period, right?

But especially for scrawny hardgainers, squats are the "King" 
of all mass building exercises because they use more total 
muscle fibers than any other exercise. 

You should also know that squats promote growth throughout the 
whole body, not just the legs. 

How? The squat involves multiple muscles, in fact it has been 
estimated that there are up to 200 muscles involved in the squat.
Muscle building hormones are released during and after a Squat 
workout in response to the physiological stress.

By starting your workout with 3 sets of squats (shoot for high 
reps...like 15-20), you jumpstart your endocrine system to kick
up the production of anabolic hormones like test0sterone.

Plus...using a higher volume rather than lower, you also stimulate 
the release of more human growth hormone that stimulates muscle 

Do this 3 times a week and then move on to the rest of your 
workout (such as your chest, shoulders, etc.)

The flood of healthy, mass-building hormones will benefit your 
entire body and slather your scrawny frame with layers of 
muscle in no time!

Editors note:

Want more Killer Hardgainer Tips?

Check out "Hardgainer Project X"

Hardgainer Project X

It's jam packed with great tips just for skinny "ectomorphs".

You'll find 3 more Advanced Training Tips designed 
especially for guys who have a hard time building muscle.

For example, you'll discover:

1.) Your Body's 2 Most Anabolic Hormones, And A Crazy "Tag Team" 
Technique To Trigger An Explosive Surge Of Thick New Muscle! 

2.) The Hardgainer Workout Training Technique That Targets 373% 
More Muscle Fibers!

3.) The $.08 "Miracle Supplement" That Literally Doubles 
Muscle-Protein Uptake For Crazy New Mass Gains!

This is Not the same old "do compound exercises and eat a ton of
food" programs!

Jeff has literally dissected the "7 Hardgainer Genetic Limitations"
and devised a way to blast each one of them into submission.

Jeff said that this program was Custom Built for the Serious
"hardgainer" ectomorph.

In fact, the more challenged a person is with building muscle, the
Better they responded to the training!

You'll see what I mean when you see the 6 "human lab rats" Jeff
experimented on.

Go check out their "before & after" photos at...

Hardgainer Project X

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