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     Fitness Tips For 8/26/2009

No Squat Leg Workout

I don't mean to brag but I am very proud of my leg development, I 
actually get complemented on it all the time and get asked about 
my leg workout.

I have been training for 15 years now and while I did a lot of 
barbell squats when I was younger I no longer do it regularly. 

Here is my current leg workout:
First I start with either walking lunges or leg extensions. I 
\usually walk around the gym 3 or 4 times while lunging. I find 
the lunges thoroughly warm up the knees and give me a wicked
 burn to get me psyched up for the rest of the routine. 

I immediately follow lunges with leg extension. I do my leg 
extension very strictly; I lock my legs out at the top for at 
least a 2 second hold, and I also point my toes up to the 
ceiling. The negative part of the movement is just as 
important, and I execute that slowly. I don't totally relax 
the quadriceps muscle at the bottom of the movement. 

My next exercise is either the hack squat or the smith machine 
squat. Again, my form is strict and slow. I don't bounce at 
the bottom of the movement, and I don't lock my knees out at 
the top. Instead of locking out my knees, I squeeze on my leg 
muscles. My rep range on these is usually 30 reps at 135 
pounds( my first set). My other sets I increase in increments 
of 90 to 100 pounds and I perform between 10 and 15 reps. 

My next exercise is are single leg presses on the vertical 
leg press machine. I do this for shape, not size. I utilize 
one leg at a time, I try not to go too heavy because I don't 
want to injure my knee. Most of the time, I perform this 
movement with 155 pounds for 20 rep sets. I keep the movement 
slow and strict; again, I don't lock out my knees and I 
squeeze my leg muscles at the top of the movement. 

My next to last exercise is sissy squat. Luckily, the gym 
where I train  has a machine for this exercise. I do this 
exercise fordefinition and shape. I perform 20 to 30 reps. 
I concentrate on squeezing my legs and glutes at the top 
of the movement, and I don't lock out my knees. I also squat 
down slow and deep.
My final exercise is the inner thigh machine. I perform this 
with 140 pounds for 30 rep sets. The key to this exercise 
is to squeeze together with your knees! 

I finish off my leg training day with a 30 minute session 
on the stairmaster. And I do mean "finish". I think its 
important to note that I don't lift very heavy, which is 
quite the opposite of how I "look". I will not sacrifice 
form for the sake of lifting heavy to impress some 
one in the gym. 

Legs are difficult bodypart for most people to develop, 
but I think with patience, and strict training you will 
see results! 

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