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     Fitness Tips For For 9/2/2009

Bodybuilding Basics 

If you are a Cory Everson or an Arnold Schwarzenegger wannabe, or 
even if you are just looking to build great body shape, you 
certainly need to know a few basic bodybuilding tips.
The first step towards having a well sculpted body is to set 
achievable goals for yourself, ask yourself why you would want to 
have a fit body or why you would want to become a bodybuilder? 
Whatever your reason maybe, what matters at the end of the day is 
that, you must do it for yourself and you must enjoy yourself 
while doing it. 

Most bodybuilding programs end up  being successful simply because 
the participants are consistant and worked earnestly to improve 

Maintain a bodybuilding logbook to record your progress, or to set 
and achieve goals, during the course of your bodybuilding program. 
For example, on a certain day, you could note down in your logbook 
that you want to do 10 reps that day(even though you only did 8 reps
last time) and then at the end of the day, you could come back and 
record, whether you managed it and you could also write down your 
comments about how it went. This act of keeping a record can serve 
as a huge motivating factor.

Here are a few more bodybuilding tips to get you making fast 

1. To ensure success be committed to your bodybuilding plans 
and ensure that you are changing your old habits. 

2. You have to understand that the perfect body that you are 
seeking is not easy to get and that building muscle and
burning can take a lot of time, so be patient and donít 
become demoralized. 

3. The bodybuilding process might be very strenuous, painful 
and a lot of hard work, but stick to your program, go to the 
gym regularly, do your exercises daily, you might sore and 
tired, but realize that all this is actually helping you 
form that perfect body for yourself. 

4. For best fitness results, you have to change your diet. Eat 
smaller meals but more frequently, with more protein intake in 
your diet, for it helps in muscle growth. Drinking more water 
will help in optimizing your muscle volume. Take limited 
sugar, salt, alcohol and obviously cut down on your fat 

5. The best way to prevent your body from breaking down from 
a strenuous bodybuilding program, is to sleep well and as much
 as possible. 

6. Donít ever lose sight of the initial goal that had inspired 
you to take up bodybuilding, spur yourself on towards success. 

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