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Nitrobol Review

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     Fitness Tips For For 9/9/2009

Bodybuilding Rep Range

It used to be thought that: Less that 5 reps build strength, but not 
muscle size,  6-8 are reps for size, 10-12 reps are for shape, and 20 
or more reps are for definition. 

People beginning in bodybuilding, generally do best using an 8-12 rep 
range. As they get more experience most will try a lower rep range 
such as The 5-8 rep range. Many of the biggest bodybuilders in history 
have used this rep range including Bill Pearl, Reg Park, Mike Menzer 
and Dorian Yates. 

Advanced bodybuilders who hit progress plateaus find there are times 
when it's best to use higher reps to increase both size and strength. 
Higher reps provide more of a pump, which increase the capillaries. 
15-20 reps, though often believed to be definition builders, have 
produced some great physiques such as Steve Reeves and Sergio Oliva. 

A bodybuilder I know suffered an injury that forced him to train 
extremely light doing one set of 100 reps per exercise. He said it
was the most challenging routine he'd ever done. And to his surprise, 
his muscles grew from this program! 

Realizing the different advantages of each rep range, some 
bodybuilders derive the best of each of these by changing their rep 
range every three weeks. I've heard of bodybuilders changing weekly. 

Mike Quinn once used a system devised by Dr. Fred Hatfield. Each 
exercise was done in three rep ranges. The first set was 5-6 reps. 
20% of the poundage was removed and a set of 10-12 followed. The 
poundage reduced again by 40-50%  and done for a set of 20. You 
can also add a new dimension to it by adding a set of 9 
between the 6 and the 12 rep sets. 

Sonny Schmidt used to do the reverse of this in their training. 
Starting with a light weight, he'd squeeze out a set of 20 reps. 
Then with each set, he'd increase the weight and lower the reps, 
working to maximum efforts. 

An other great method, used by Rich Gaspari, Vince Taylor and 
Samir Bannout, is going heavy, low reps for half of 
the week, then medium to high reps the second half.  

Another rep-combining method is doing the basic exercises 
heavy, and the isolation movements medium and high rep. 
Berry DeMay, Francis Benfatto and Joe DeAngelis used this 
method. Thierry Pastel often bounces around to different rep 
ranges with each exercise. 

When you hit an impasse and those muscles won't grow, it's time 
for a change. 

Changing only the rep range can produce awesome results!

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