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     Fitness Tips For For 9/16/2009

Bodybuilding Rest Between Sets

Early bodybuilders workout weren't much differant than the workouts of 
competitive weightlifters. They world lift heavy and rest a long time 
between sets. 

Recent studies show low rep, heavy lifting with five minutes rest
between sets produce strong and bulky muscle. And early bodybuilding 
champions like John Grimek were just that strong and bulk but also 
too smooth.

Then came people like Vince Gironda and Jack LaLanne who used very 
short rest periods between sets. This kind of training, along with 
better nutrition of course, seemed to give much more muscular 

Sicne then bodybuilder nave been more and more defined and vascular. 
Many like Frank Zane, Mohamed Makkawy, Steve Davis, and others 
learned methods for adding muscle size and definition at the same 
time. Using descending sets, (reducing poundage for each set), or 
supersets and trisets (alternating exercises non-stop), they reduced 
their rest periods to as little as 10 seconds between sets. 

This had the same effect on their muscles as a heavy weight. At 
the same time that the reps for each maximum effort where in the 
6-8 range working deep muscle fibers. The continuous movement 
provided the advantages of a high rep workout (endurance fiber 
building and aerobic effect). Their workouts were condensed to 
half the time they'd normally take to perform. 

If your goal is to get super definition, I highly recommend 
much shorter rests bwtween sets. 

Gradually reduce your rest times down to 10 seconds on most 
muscle groups and no more than 30 seconds on leg exercises 
such as squats, deadlifts, leg Presses, etc. Resting less 
than 10 seconds is ineffective because your reps will be 
limited by lactic acid build-up. You'll make awesome gains 
for a long time on this short-rest method, but on every 
program, your muscles will eventually adapt. When this happens, 
It's good to return to a slower pace. Heavier weight training 
with a partner to help with an extra forced rep or two at 
the end of a set is great for off-season strength and size.

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