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     Fitness Tips For For 9/23/2009

Carbohydrates and Bodybuilding 
By Dwayne Hines II

Football star David Garrard recently lost 20 pounds in a short 
period of time.  In an article for Sporting News, he said he 
basically cut out all carbs for three weeks to achieve the 
weight loss.  

Are these types of extreme diets a good way to go?  

Yes and no. 

Yes, you can achieve some weight loss in the short term.  However, 
extreme diets typically don't work in the long run.  Traci Mann, 
UCLA Associate Professor and lead author of a 2007 study on weight 
loss, notes "You can initially lose 5 to 10 percent  of your weight 
on any number of diets, but then the weight comes back.  We found 
that the majority of people regained all the weight, plus more. 
Extreme diets do not lead to sustained weight loss or health 
benefits for the majority of people." 

The long term success rate of these questionable approaches is 
poor.  In addition to a poor track record over the long term, 
there is another issue that bodybuilders must be aware of when 
considering the extreme low carb diet or other similar 
approaches to eating.  The chief consideration is obtaining 
enough fuel to for the workout.   Get too low on fuel and your 
workout is impaired.  An impaired workout in turn translates 
into no muscle gain.   Do this a few times in a row and you 
may actually lose ground on your muscles.  

For working out, your prime fuel comes from carbs and if you 
are cutting your carbs to extremely low levels, donít expect 
to have much of a workout.  The same is true for the post 
workout recovery.  If you are inhibiting carb intake, then 
your post workout recovery wonít be as beneficial as it 
could be with some carbs.  

If you do choose to use a low-carb dietary approach, do so 
on a mixed basis.  That is, go with a low carb diet part 
of the week, and boost the carb intake on the days that 
you work out hard.  By insuring that you have enough carbs 
to fuel your training (both before and after the workout) 
you will insure that your muscles donít feel the downside 
of your diet. 


The editor feels it is best to get your carbohydrates
from natural fruits and vegetables rather then wheat
 and grains

Dwayne Hines II is author of "The Growth Zone" for 
full details visit Fast Muscle Growth 

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