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     Fitness Tips For For 10/14/2009

Best Back Exercises For Bodybuilding

Lat Machine Pulldown To Nose

Take a medium-wide grip on the bar, just beyond shoulder width. 
Too wide a grip limits the degree of movement. You've always 
been taught to pull the bar all the way to your chest. It's 
time to unlearn this. By doing that, you limit your poundage 
to the amount you can bring down that far, working only the 
weaker aspect of that muscle. By pulling to your nose, you can 
pull much more weight, working the strong outer area of the 
lats, packing on tremendous size and width. 

Cross Pulley Lat Pulldowns

With this exercise, we complete the movement we started in the 
first exercise. Stand between the cross-pulley holding the 
upper handles. Pull your elbows to the sides of your body. Hold 
for 1/2 second, return slowly. The combination of this and the 
pulldowns to the nose provides you with a much larger range of 
movement than a standard pulldown to the chest. The elbows 
come much closer to the sides, bringing out that stubborn 
lower lat width. 

45 Row

If your gym doesn't have a seated pulley slightly above your 
head, you can do this on a seated lat machine leaning back. 
Use a close grip handle. The first two exercises worked the 
first function of the back muscles, bringing the arms down to 
your sides. This one works the second function, bringing the 
arms down in front of you. The pullover machine utilizes a 
similar movement. Keep your back straight. Pull the handles 
to your solar plexus. Not only does this exercise work the 
inner area of the upper back, but widens it as well by working 
the infraspinatus under the armpits. 

Low Pulley Row

You can also do this on a lever row, raising the seat. While 
the 45 row worked this angle along with the upper front pull, 
you have more strength from this position and can add 
thickness to the inner lower lats by isolating the area. 


This and the lower back machine where you sit back against a 
padded arm, are the best exercises for working the erector 
muscles without undue strain on the spinal structure. While 
deadlifts, stiff-legged deadlifts; and good-morningsare great 
strength builders, they should never be done by those with 
existing or previous lower back injuries. Hyperextensions 
also tighten and tone the glutes muscles. Be careful no to 
hyperextend too much.

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