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     Fitness Tips For For 7/7/2010

Training Partners

By Matt Danielson 

A training partner can be beneficial in many ways, but he may also 
be one of the major impediments in your quest for excellence. 
Simply put, is your partner a negative or a positive thing for 
your workout? Or are you the kind that, regardless of the partner, 
would be better off without one? So...what are you, a lone wolf or
a team player?


The good thing about the training partner is that he or she equals 
safety. With your partner, you have a built-in spotter that, note 
this, KNOWS YOU. Why this? Well, if you ask any bozo passing by 
to spot you, there's a chance you'll end up red as a beet with a 
350-lb barbell over your throat while the guy stands there paying 
extreme attention ... to the babe in that outrageous thong over 
by the stairmaster. 

Or he could be used to spotting Anthony Clark, and thinks you're 
just clowning around when your eyes pop out of their sockets.

Or you could end up with someone who'd need help picking up a 
towel from the floor.

Simply put: you could end up with someone you don't want spotting 
you. Your training partner, on the other hand, knows your 
strength, knows your weaknesses and knows how you prefer to be 

The second good thing is the psyching-up part of it. We might 
need a little extra "push" once in a while. A good partner 
just might be the spark to ignite your workout.

The third and last major advantage - it may prevent cheating in 
the long run! It's easy to find an excuse not to go when you'd 
rather sit around watching TV instead, but having someone at 
the gym waiting for you makes it harder.


So then what could possibly be wrong, you may ask? Not much, 
if you have a good partner. (That is, one that YOU work well 
with. If not, it doesn't automatically mean the guy is a moron, 
it just means the two of you don't work too well together.) A 
BAD partner can be late, fail to spot you properly, go AWOL 
and, most importantly, get you down mentally!

This is an absolute no-no!

A partner who pushes you on and drives you to do those two 
extra reps can be most beneficial, but the Marine Wannabe who 
starts barking in your ear in the locker-room  before even 
warming up is not likely very helpful. If you view your 
partner as an AID to get you through a tough workout, as in 
getting support, help and safety, it's generally a good 
thing. But if you view your partner as just another obstacle
... Well, take a wild guess what you should do.

Lone wolf

There are some people who just don't see any advantage in a 
training partner. And for them, it's perfectly right! It 
requires higher discipline, and you sometimes has to rely on 
bypassers in the gym, but like most other things it's mostly 
in your head. If you hate training with someone else, you're 
not likely gonna see any positive effects if you're FORCING 
yourself anyway.

Editors Note: Visit Cyber Workout Buddy to find a training parner online!

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Training Partners

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