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Eddie De La Cruz
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     Fitness Tips For For 8/10/2010

Water and Muscle Growth

by Dwayne Hines

Do you support your anaerobic training with water?  Or do you view water
as something more akin to running and aerobic training refreshment?  If 
so, you are making a mistake that is holding your training back.  Water 
is the key element to insure training success – even for resistance 
training styles such as weight lifting.  In fact failure to adequately 
support your training with water can lead to an injury.
Water and Muscles

How does water intake benefit your muscles?  A study published in the 
Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research is quite specific about the 
role that water plays - "water affects athletic performance more than any 
other nutrient."   And what is very revealing is the fact that the 
researchers are taking their data from power training athletes.  That's 
right – water is the key factor for success in resistance training and 
muscle growth.  The point that "water affects athletic performance more 
than any other nutrient" is a point that is directed at power style 
training.  If you are not getting enough water to support your 
muscle-building style of training, you are holding yourself back from 
full development:

"Sports performance requiring anaerobic strength and power can be impaired
 by inadequate hydration.  Impairments as a result of dehydration may not 
only lead to reduction in performance but also increased susceptibility to 
musculoskeletal injury. . .strength and conditioning professionals must be 
aware that becoming voluntarily dehydrated can decrease anaerobic power."
The bottom line is that if you are dehydrated you can’t achieve the maximum
 benefits from your workouts.  And there is a chance you could even become 
injured as well.  Additionally, after a workout your muscles are hurting 
and need a full rehydration.  Failure to do that can impair the 
effectiveness of the workout on your body as it attempts to recover.

You may think that you are not dehydrated, but the researchers make a very
 interesting point about that as well.  The Journal of Strength and 
Conditioning Research points out training and dehydration are actually a 
common occurrence – "Ironically, during physiologic and thermal stress, 
humans do not adequately replace sweat losses when fluids are consumed at 
will; most athletes replace only about two thirds of the water that they 
sweat off during exercise."   Even seasoned athletes make this mistake of 
inadequate hydration.  Is it possible that you are making a similar 
mistake?  If you are relying on your thirst as a indicator of thirst, you 
may be missing the mark.  Thirst is not an early warning sign – it is 
actually a latent warning that only kicks in after you are already on 
the path to semi-dehydration.  Don’t expect thirst to be your best warning
sign of inadequate water intake.  

Make it a habit to get adequate water intake before, during and after your 
weight training workouts if you want maximum results.

Dwayne Hines is the author of "The Growth Zone" – a new approach to muscle 

and  "Conditioning for Fighting" – a mixed training approach want to 
improve your fight conditioning.

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Water and Muscle Growth

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