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How To Build Muscle Mass Fast

Review of The Natural Size Program

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     Fitness Tips For 12/22/2010

Weight Lifting Half Reps

The usual advice is to do full reps, from full extension to full
contraction. For example doing a barbell curl starting with your
arms straight down and curling until the bar is under your neck
and the biceps are full contracted.

But if you are interested in trying a different method of building 
muscle, you may consider trying half reps. Half reps workouts 
consist of doing only part of the full range of motion. It is one
technique that you might consider. Many people have had great 
success using half reps as part of their exercise routines.
I remember one person at my gym doing half reps, and was growing 
like crazy. I then decided to try it and found great value in 
doing short reps to achieve a growth spurt.

I like to start off with the basics: Bench pressing. Bench press 
half reps are one of the standard exercises you will really want 
to use half reps with. With that in mind; just hop on the bench 
and begin as if you're about to do a regular bench press. Lower 
the bar about half way down and then lift it back up again. You
will be able to use more weight then if you were doing full reps.

When using bodybuilding half reps; remember to adjust your workout 
style from time to time. Simply doing half reps all the time will 
not have all the benefits it could have if you mix it into your 
normal exercise routines. Weight lifting half rep experts will 
usually agree that they would not make bodybuilding half reps as 
a main focal point of your weight lifting regime. However when 
combined now and again with your normal workouts the end results
it may yield can be remarkable.

Remember, every once in a while you need to shock your muscles. 
What this means is once you've done a workout routine for a 
while you reach a point you no longer see results unless you 
change something about your routine. Weight lifting half reps 
are a great way to change so that you will get the results you 

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Weight Lifting Half Reps

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