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     Fitness Tips For For 4/6/2011

X-Frame Bodybuilding

The X-Frame is perfect shape any bodybuilder should be working to
achieve. If you can envision an "X" drawn over the front of the body 
that starts at the shoulders crosses the abs and ends on the calves,
this will give you the idea of the areas that make your physique 
impressive and give it that classic look.

The classic physique shape must include wide shoulders, a small waist 
with ripped abs, and big diamond calves. Most people either neglect 
these areas or do not know how to exercise them correctly.

Important Bodybuilding Exercises

These exercises, will give you the development of muscle mass in the 
correct areas to build your X-Frame.
The first of these exercises is the lateral raise. The lateral raise
is performed with a dumbbell held in each hand. Stand leaning 
slightly forward, with your hands at your sides and a slight bend 
in the elbows. The arms are then raised straight out to the sides 
until just above shoulder height. This exercise works the lateral 
head of the deltoid which is what makes your shoulders wide.  
Next up is abs, one of the areas of the body filled with 
misconceptions on how to train them. The abdominals should be trained
just as any other muscle group, i.e. with weights. In order to 
develop great abs you will need to make the muscles thicker and 
larger. This can only be accomplished by training them with weights. 
Therefore, with that in mind, add sets of weighted crunches to your 
routine and watch your abs finally appear, provided of course that 
you have leaned down enough to allow them to be visible.

Last but not least is the calf raise. This is more for aesthetic 
purposes more than anything. The calves are stressed by doing squats 
and other leg exercises but rarely to the  extent necessary to cause 
any significant growth. Therefore a balanced routine will contain 
exercises for the calves directly. The most common exercise is the 
standing calf raise done on a machine. Also very valuable (superior 
in my opinion) is the 45E leg press machine calf raise. I also 
recommend doing seated calf raises to work the Soleus muscle which
is under the Gastrocnemius muscle.

The above exercises can easily be added to your regular routine. You 
have at least two choices of how to incorporate them. You can stagger 
them throughout your current days or you can do them on a separate 
day dedicated only to the exercises listed here. Doing the latter 
will allow  you to throw in a somewhat easier day in the frame of 
things and allow you a little extra recovery time and is therefore 
what I would recommend to the majority. Whatever you decide I
highly recommend that you add these exercises to your current 

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X-Frame Bodybuilding - Important Bodybuilding Exercises

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