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Old School Arm Building Secrets Review

old school arm building secrets
Old School Arms

Paul Becker the very well-known historian and publisher of countless bodybuilding articles both in hard copy as well as online has put all the old time secrets together and finally published his findings. This book comes with priceless information that is guaranteed to add inches to your arm in just weeks.

Paul has been published all over from The New York Times, Saturday Evening Post, and Burn! Men's Fitness, MuscleMag International, The Scientific Bodybuilding Journal and many more. Paul knows what he is talking about when it comes to gaining muscle.

His point about looking at the stats of current world champion professional bodybuilders of today compared to 40 years is a very good one. He quotes the greats like Sergio and Arnold who had 22 and 23 arms with a 32 and a 28 inch waist which is something you just do not see these days.

Paulís point about professional bodybuilders with a massive 40 inch waist showing only 21 or 22 inch arms is just not that impressive to look at when you look at the greats of long ago. It seems that everyone was able to develop big arms and it surely was not only genetics.

The point that Paul is making is that there are forgotten techniques of training arms that have simply been forgotten and Paul is determined to bring them back to show you how to get those impressive arms back where they should be. Paul explains that training your arms only once a week is a recipe for failure when trying to get big arms.

He says that if you told the great Arnold or the bodybuilding "myth" called Sergio Oliver that you are only going to train arms once a week they would laugh at you. In the new book that Paul has just released he explains all the old rules for getting big arms quickly.

His book covers subjects like what are the best exercises for biceps and triceps, How to build huge arms fast without using steroids, Should you use heavy weights with less reps or moderate weight for more reps, How to get amazing arms even training at home and many more.

He includes vitally important topics in his new book on how often should you train your arms, The best combinations of sets and reps, How to build bulging biceps and hanging triceps, For biceps should you use a straight bar or an ez curl bar, A workout program that can add up to 1/2 inch to your arms in one day, How to get the right balance between biceps and triceps.

This info is vital for someone who wants to get impressive arms and get them quickly by following a few old and well proven systems that have worked for many professional bodybuilders. For example he will explain how to get big arms with only 2 exercises, the best ways to fully isolate your biceps and triceps muscles, how to fully develop all three heads of the triceps and How to get an amazing bicep peak.

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