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The Dark Side of Fat Loss Review

the dark side of fat loss
Sean Croxton The Dark Side of Fat Loss

Sean Croxton presents a completely new way of looking at weight-loss and offers a new way of looking at your fat that you are carrying on your body. He presents a video where he says that the two well-known ingredients of any weight-loss program are based on calories in and calories out calculation.

Sean explains that the Calories in, Calories Out is the claim that if you simply take in less calories than you expend for energy, you will lose weight over time. Itís based on a law of physics called the Law Of Thermodynamics. This is WRONG and does not work.

Seanís YouTube channel now has over 8 million views and there is a very good reason for this. He presents the idea of fat-loss in a new way that he gives. So he has decided to now release a book that covers all the vital points that you need to know to get the desired result from any and all weight-loss diets that you might go on.

He explains that he is so confident that you will be able to lose fat and get healthy using his specific guidance on how to do that he is offering a 60 day money back guarantee that you will be able to achieve your fat-loss and weight-loss objectives in record time and maintain that weight-loss permanently.

In his book Sean explains that the whole reason that he is releasing this book is because there are common myths out there on diet and exercise that need to get sorted out. He explains exactly why the calories in and the calories out theory does not work and will never work.

He also explains in great detail about the hormones that you need which are vital if you want to lose fat permanently. Hormones like insulin and liptin and knowing how they cause fat-gain and how to control these hormones is a vital key in getting the results that you are looking for.

Sean goes into a very specific detail in his new book about the fear of fats like saturated fats and he explains the specifics on what are good fats and bad fats. Sean goes into a very specific and detailed explanation of how to identify these important fats in order to use them to your advantage in order to help speed up your fat-loss. In his own words the only way that you are going to lose fat permanently is to first get healthy and then lose fat.

He explains that you do this by learning to listen to your body, how to understand what your body needs and how to react when your body needs to catch up on good quality sleep. He explains that dealing with stress and not sleeping correctly are all vitally important parts of becoming a healthy person.

In his book Sean guides you exactly how to select and eat REAL foods that will get you on the fast track to health before you know if the fat will just start slipping away because your body no longer needs to store fat. He says that 60% of USA citizens have got digestive problems like fungi, which will cause you to crave sugar and much more.

He goes into specific detail on what toxins and what he calls obesigens, which are making changing to vital hormones that you need to stay healthy. The last chapter in his book is all about Mindset and how you need to get the 6 keys to weight-loss that will help you change your mindset forever.

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