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The Superhero Workout Review

the superhero workout
John Romaniello's Superhero Workout

John Romaniello and Matt McGorry have put together a superhero workout that comes with a 60 day money back guarantee that you will be able to lose fat and gain good quality muscle so that you could look as ripped and as hard as any of the well-known superheroes that we all have.

These two fitness experts that have been training the mega-stars of Hollywood to make sure that they look the part that they are playing have put together a program that takes into account all the years of learning what works and what does not work, no matter what genetic makeup you are born with.

In John’s own words he grew up being 30 pounds overweight and he uses a famous quote in his presentation of his Superhero workout website from the famous Iron Man movie that most of us saw which says "Heroes Aren’t Born – They’re Made".

John uses this to demonstrate that no matter what your genetic predisposition might be you can make a difference to your body by doing the exercises and the diet that works, has proven to work and will always work. He breaks down his workout into four main phases.

He lists these phases in the following way:

Phase 1: Strength & Power

Strength and power are two of the hallmarks of many, many super heroes. And that’s reflected in their physiques. Just look at this summer’s big super hero blockbuster movies, if you need proof. He talks about Chris Hemsworth, the lucky man who got to take on the role of Thor and Chris Evans, the guy who scored the gig of Captain America.

Both guys were pretty nicely cut going into the contract signing…but the catch was they needed to get BUFF…and by the time they showed up on the set for the first day of shooting, they looked every bit the part.

Phase 2: Speed & Agility

Heroes like The Punisher and Catwoman score big time "bad-ass points" with most comic book fans – and with good reason. This is the Phase of the system that will show you EXACTLY how to build the essential "springboard" strength your body needs to rise to that next level of muscle building.

Phase 3: Mass & Increased Strength

If your goal is to stack on some heavy-duty muscle (minus the green flesh), this is what all the work you put into the first two phases has prepared you for and you’ll definitely be caught off guard by how quickly you advance. John explains that this is an important step in reaching your goal.

Phase three arms you with a very unique combination of split-training integrated with fitness routines that go against many of the "norms" of the fitness community, but that’s what makes this phase such a break-through program.

Phase 4: Density & Overall Aesthetic Fitness

This is the finish line where – all the hard work you’ve done in the previous three phases gets sharply refined and polished up. John says that by the end of phase 4, you’re as fit as any fighter of evil and you’ll see firsthand just how specifically engineered The Super Hero Workout system is for fast-paced conditioning.

Download The Superhero Workout PDF

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