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When To Take Creatine

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When To Use Creatine Monohydrate

I get asked all the time from the first-time users regarding the right time when to take creatine. Most of these are coming of the energy-boosting supplement. More often than not, the directions included on the label of the supplement that tells you how much creatine to take but not always when to take it. You should also follow the instructions so you don't take too little or too much creatine. But also knowing the right time and when to take creatine can actually help you achieve the maximum benefits.

Answering when to take creatine can be quite difficult since the lifestyle and the goals of each and every user varies from one another. But the most advisable time when to take creatine is after working out. This is when the skeletal muscle’s metabolic state becomes very susceptible to the uptake of creatine. It is also advisable that when you take the creatine supplement after working out, you drink as much as 16 ounces of fruit juices rich in dextrose or glucose.

You may also want to take note of the times when NOT to take the creatine. Knowing these details is very essential so you can be aware whether there will be adverse side effects when taking the creatine in a different time.

You must not take the creatine a few minutes before you workout. It could even compromise your performance during the workout and your body would not have the time to absorb it anyway.

Other than not, you must also resist taking the creatine supplement in the middle of your training. Rather than improve your performance, taking the supplement while working out would only slow you down. There is a big chance that you will get an upset stomach especially if this is your first time to using creatine.

It was mentioned before that the best time when to take creatine is after doing your strenuous routines. However, you must not take creatine before AND after doing your activities. The previous creatine intake may coincide with the amount that you take after lifting those heavy weights. As a result, the creatine may become counterproductive.

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