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Wide Grip Bench Press

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Wide Grip Bench Press Muscles Worked

When you do wide grip bench press you are working the pec-delt tie ins that will give you a broader pectoral muscle. One should be aware that there is obviously a limit to how wide your grip can go.

The wider your grip goes the less full range you are exercising your pec muscles because of the distance the bar has to travel to reach your chest. But the reason for doing this exercise is to work the muscles at the end of your pecs that tie into your deltoids.

Wide Grip Bench Press Benefits

Many top bodybuilders usually include a wide grip bench press in the beginning of a chest workout because it seems to use less triceps and more deltoids so you are strong when you start but quickly reach failure. A good idea is to start a chest workout with pyramids because of this.

When you do a chest workout it is good to get into the habit of always combining wide grip bench press so that these very important pec-delt tie-ins are always developed, as you get stronger. The result will be an overall balance to your physique.

Like all effective weight training you need to be extremely aware of the specific muscle group that you are training. This means isolating the pec-delt tie-ins and concentrating on that specific muscle group by focusing on reaching failure in that part of the pec.

The result over a long term will be a broader chest that will leave you with a chest that looks like you have broader shoulders than you actually do. It is important to note that this effect will only appear this way if your back, arms and trapezius muscles are equally developed.

Wide Grip Bench Press Form

Lay on a flat bench with your feet on the floor.

Grab the bar with a grip that is 3 wider on each side than your shoulders.

Unrack the bar and hold it straight with your arms locked out.

Slowly lower the bar until it lightly touches your chest.

Pause for a second and then push the bar back up to arms length.

Repeat for 8 to 10 repetitions.

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Wide Grip Bench Press

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