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Dan Lurie Presents
"The World Fitness Awards"

What "The Grammies" are are to Music and "The Oscars" are to Movies, "The World Fitness Awards" are to Athletes, Sportsman and Health Aficionado. The pen-ultimate achievement for any fitness oriented individual, "The World Fitness Awards" fills a major void in the recognition of staunch physical accomplishments.

Following the current model of televised award ceremonies, "The World Fitness Awards" will aim to create an inspirational, exciting and engaging annual event honoring the most physically fit celebrities, sports figures and athletes. The show will include guest performances by world record holders and incredible feats of strength. Proposed award categories include:

Most Physically Fit Movie Star of The Year (Male & Female Categories)

Most Physically Fit Music Star of The Year (Male & Female Categories)

Most Physically Fit Politician of The Year

Most Physically Fit Comedian of The year

Triathlete Of The Year

Iron Man Of The Year

Olympian Of The Year

Cyclist Of The Year

Marathon Runner Of The Year

Professional Sports Athlete Of The Year

X-Treme Sports Athlete Of The Year

Best Body in Hollywood

Centenarian Of The Year - (For a healthy and vibrant individual who has surpassed 100 years of age)

The Underdog Award (For an individual who has overcome severe physical/medical hardship through physical fitness)

Dan Lurie's famous slogan "HEALTH IS YOUR GREATEST WEALTH" will be an integral theme for "The World Fitness Awards". This new award series is abound with mass appeal and stands to garner a large audience of a wide demographic by utilizing a variety of award categories with a broad spectrum of public interest. Potential sponsorship opportunities are infinite. An award show of this nature is currently non-existent and therefore such an undertaking would break new ground.

Sanctioning by Dan Lurie and his "World Fitness Guild" brings a gold standard and authentic respectability to the project. Established in 1965, "The World Body Building Guild" and newly formed sister organization "The World Fitness Guild" are globally renowned and internationally acclaimed. Dan Lurie is an iconic founding father of bodybuilding. Currently 84 years young, he is a living legend who several times in his heyday won the Mr. America title of "America's Most Muscular Man". He made history arm wrestling President Ronald Reagan on the Oval Office desk of The White House, he has sparred with Arnold Schwarzenegger and gone toe-to-toe with Joe Weider. Sylvester Stallone trained at his gyms, Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk) was like a son to him. He has been a champion athlete, a TV star, a trainer, a mentor, and a magazine publisher. He built a one-man business empire when health and fitness weren't even a part of the American lifestyle. Now that health and fitness have taken a front seat in the public consciousness, the time could not be more ripe to present "The World Fitness Awards" to a global market.

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