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1 Andro Review

By Bryan Kernan author of Bodybuilding Supplement Secrets Revealed

1 Andro Supplement

1 Andro has been available to the public for a few years now and there are a number of both good and bad reviews about this product. So we compiled a list of the general comments and reviews that have been posted online in the last two months.

Regarding strength gains it seems that most people found it to be very effective in getting an increase in their max rep range they were working in. The bottom line is that generally this product will help you to increase your strength and thereby increase the amount of muscle that you carry.

It seems that most of the users of this product were able to increase their calorie intake and add a bit of fat and some strength as well as decrease their calorie intake and reduce fat. They all reported that they were able to continue to build muscle even with these differences in calories.

Mass gains seemed to be easy for most of the uses with only a few exceptions. It should be noted here that because these reviews were not a controlled study a lot of these uses were adding some other supplements like taking an extra 10mg of 1-Andro and the DHB which is an anabolic amplifier.

1 Andro Side Effects

What all these reviews had in common was the fact that they all noticed an increase in aggression and that so called alpha male feel but it was short lived and gradually as the run went on the aggression and alpha male feeling became only a memory. This product is a low androgenic product so that is to be expected.

It seems that all the users noticed a loss of libido once again a result of this being low androgen and highly anabolic. Some of the users of this product had a few problems with an increase in acne but it quickly returned to normal after the cycle was completed. Others found that there was a general lethargy, and the tingling / itching feeling at the end of the urethra when peeing which is common of all 1-Andro products.

In conclusion, my opinion is that Andro Shock is a much better and safer testosterone boosting supplement, for more information checkout Andro Shock.

1 Andro Review

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