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Anator P70 Information

Muscletech Anator-p70 is clinically proven and so devastatingly powerful it literally turns on your DNA for muscle growth, allowing you to maximize your genetic potential in order to increase muscle mass and size to the fullest extent of your natural ability. Anator-p70 activates the key signaling cascade consisting of mTOR, PKB, and p70S6K, which ultimately leads to faster muscle growth you just can't get with any other bodybuilding supplement. With Anator-p70 you can now maximally activate your genetics for massive muscle growth!

Anator P 70 Reviews

I can't stand the taste, plus every time I mix it in a shaker the entire drink turns into a foam that I have to wait to drink. Other than that I have gained 5lbs in a week and anator is the only change to my diet.
I've been on this product now for couple of days and I'm already feeling my muscles getting fuller and fuller. I'm 5'10, 195 lbs. (currently) with 10% bodyfat. My friends said that I even got bigger. Again, I've only taken it for couple of days. I can't wait until I finish the entire container.
As far as the Anator goes its doing its job.  People say that I am getting wider and more massive. It immediately curbed my Starvation phase after my workout. I am up to 225.0 so everything is working out really well so far with the Anator P70. I look in the mirror and my shoulders and chest look really wide.
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