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Beginner Bodybuilding Weight Lifting Workout

By : Mike Jesowshek

Just starting out at bodybuilding is the most important part. A perfect start leads to a good future. As a beginning bodybuilder, your first priority should be building a good base. Now your probably wondering how you can build a good base. Well, it depends on a mixture of many things. As a beginner motivation is key. If you donít want to be there, you wonít gain anything. Everybody begins bodybuilding for a reason. Some day when you donít feel like working out, remember why you decided to start in the first place. As a beginner it is nice to have a more experienced partner to help keep you going. Many beginners will be all gung ho about working out the first couple weeks and then just quit after that. Donít be that kind of person! To help boost your motivation, hang pictures of guys that you want to look like in the gym. Also, tell yourself that you will accomplish what you are trying to aim for.

Nutrition is key when first starting out. Everybody knows that you need food to build muscle. Just eating food wonít cut it. Supplements are almost required to all new comers. A lot of people think that supplements are just a legal form of steroids, but they are wrong! Do not listen to anybody that attempts to tell you that a simple protein drink everyday will hurt you. Beginners should eat at least three big meals a day and make sure the protein intake is very high. I would recommend using a stack of Whey Protein, Glutamine, and a Multi-Vitamin. Make sure you get proper sleep. Five hours of sleep just doesnít cut it in the life of a bodybuilder. You should be getting eight hours of sleep at the very least.

The most important part of starting out is the workout. Concentrate on form. If you have bad form when you begin, it will be incredibly hard to change your form when you get more advanced. Keep your reps in the 8-10 range, for 3 sets of each exercise. As for exercises go, you should perform the majority of the exercises using free weights if possible. Below is a sample beginner workout. Donít expect immediate results! Remember you are in this for the long run, you will not become huge in a month. It takes time, stick in there! Have confidence in yourself. You must always believe that you are capable of accomplishing your goals no matter what happens. It could take a bodybuilder anywhere from a couple months to a couple years to build a strong base, depending on work ethic, diet, and heredity.

Sample Beginner Workout Routine

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Squat or Leg Press
Bench Press
Bent-Over Row
Military Press
Triceps Push Down
Calf Raise
Ab Cruch

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