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MuscleTech Cell Tech Creatine Supplement Info

In a recent clinical study, CELL-Tech was put head to head against creatine monohydrate. When the results were tabulated, CELL-Tech users gained 880% more lean muscle mass than subjects using creatine monohydrate. CELL-Tech's incredible mass-building formula combines 10 grams of pure creatine monohydrate with exactly 75 grams of pharmaceutical grade dextrose and 200mg of the powerful insulin-potentiating nutrient alpha lipoic acid. CELL-Tech also contains other key nutrients which act synergistically to enhance the uptake of creatine into muscle cells, which leads to dramatic increases in size, strength, and power. Bodybuilders using CELL-Tech are experiencing incredible gains. Some users have gained as much as 10 pounds in as little as 7 days! If you would like to make gains like this and dramatically transform your physique, you need to try CELL-Tech for yourself.

Cell Tech User Reviews

So far CellTech has been one of the better products that I've used. I've seen gains in my strength and mass without the water retention look of some of the other creatines. -Brad

I used CellTech for about six weeks and was not very impressed with the results. I gained a little in the strength department but as far as mass and size go, I had no noticeable gains oe side effects. There are definitely better products on the market.

Cell-tech was far superior than any other creatine product I had tried before. With other creatine products like Phosphagen I didn't gain any weight and didn't notice any difference in strength. With Cell-tech I gained weight within the first week and noticed strength gains in my major compound exercises such as the bench press and the squat.

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