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Cut Fat Gain Muscle Definition

How To Get Chiseled Cut Muscle

By : Mike Jesowshek

After going through the bulking up phase, you will have some fat to get rid of, so now is the time to cut down. You burn off the fat which will allow the deeper muscle cuts to show through. You don't want to lose your hard earned muscle, but you do want to lose your fat. This article we talk about how to cut properly.

Cutting Diet Plan

Cutting and dieting is extremely hard and takes a lot of work.Dieting is very important while trying to cut and cannot be ignored.It must be done properly and it must be always followed.You need to make sure that you are eating at least 5-6 times daily.Eating this much during the day keeps your metabolism running excellent, which allows you to burn many more calories during the day.You must split these meals 3-4 hours apart.Once you have your meal times set, try to stick with them so that you get use to working with a routine.While eating carbohydrates on a cutting diet, you want to make sure the sources are complex.Some sources of carbohydrate include oatmeal, brown rice, sweet potatoes, and yams.While on a cutting diet, you canít just forget about protein intake.Protein intake is necessary because otherwise your body might start turning to itís protein sources for energy which could lead to a loss of muscle tissue. Lean protein sources include egg whites, tuna, white meat chicken and turkey lean beef, etc.

You will also want to include a thermogenic cutting supplement like Herbal Fat Melter.

Sample Cutting Phase Workout


Primary Muscle Group

Secondary Muscle Group

















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