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CyberStretch Software Review

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Program Description:

WHAT IS CyberStretch?

CyberStretch is a innovative software program that offers energizing stretch breaks to reduce tension and the risk of repetitive stress injuries in an easy-to-use interactive screensaver format. Because it is a screensaver, it reminds the user to do CyberStretch before starting to work on a computer, as well as throughout the day.

CyberStretch consists of 26 body-specific, timed stretches (in full color illustrations) and 26 action tips (vision and relaxation breaks, posture checks and fitness tips).

Accessing the Interactive Menu allows the user to select any individual stretch or action tip, or to choose any one of the eight stretch groupings to perform stretches that work specific parts of the body (Head & Neck, Hands & Wrists, etc).


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