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Endothil Facts

Who would have thought a compound developed to help people overcome muscle atrophy would become the bodybuilding breakthrough of the decade? In a remarkable turn of events, arguably one of the strangest in the history of athletic performance, an offshoot of research directed to help victims of muscle atrophy has now become an underground cult phenomenon among bodybuilders, world-class athletes and, strangely enough, couch potatoes from the "boomer" generation. Both professional athletes and weekend warriors are buying so much Endothil-CR (especially after the ban on steroids and steroid precursors) that finding a box has become just about impossible. Has everyone gone crazy? Well... not really.

Does Endothil work?
Endothil Results User Reviews & Testimonials

I have 3 more days left and stuck at a little over a half inch on arms and up 25lb. on bench, I have another months worth and I'll be taking it, I noticed a big difference in strength towards end and size came about 2 weeks into it. It says to chew thourghly and I tried it and hated the taste, so have been swallowing it, going to tough the next month out though and see if it makes a difference. I'l chew it and leave under tounge for 2 min. then swallow.

I just finished my first 30 days with endothil-cr. all in all im really impressed. more size started coming about 2 and a half weeks into the cycle, and strength more at the end of the 30 days. I just baught my second box. some side effects i saw were a slight weight gain, and i had some trouble sleeping at night. Dont know if that had anything to do with the endothil, but it was deffinately harder to fall asleep. i chew the tablet and hold it in my mouth for at least a minute, or until its completely dissolved. The taste is horrible, but you get used to it. on a scale of 1-10 i give endothil about a 9. for the serious lifter the 60 bucks is a good investment.

This is one product that I will continue to stick with, say what you might but do so after you use it! Great product.. A+++++++

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