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Fitness Planning Software Review

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fitness planning software
X-Size Fitness Planning Software


HealthView provides a safe and effective exercise guide for the improvement of your health. You probably already know that exercise provides many health benefits. HealthView begins your exercise program by first giving you the ability to assess your overall fitness level. It's a virtual fitness planner - you can test yourself, prepare an exercise schedule and discuss your exercise plan with your doctor.

HealthView uses a special heart rate formula. By entering your resting heart rate, HealthView calculates your minimum and maximum heart rate. While performing your exercise routine you would safely keep your heart rate within this range, and each month you can test yourself to check your progress.

HealthView's "Fitness Level" test provides you with a good overview of your current fitness level. Now you can begin exercising at a level which meets your current physical exercising capabilities. HealthView evaluates each fitness test so you can assess your current fitness condition. HealthView also provides you with your exercise goals for each test. Before beginning any fitness program you should consult with your healthcare team.

To facilitate exercise scheduling HealthView provides sixty exercises from which to choose. You may add exercise equipment you currently own to the exercise list provided. HealthView displays the number of calories you will burn per minute based upon your own personal information. HealthView has reports for exercise scheduling and fitness testing.

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